Pimento Cheese, Not Your Grandma's Spread

Pimento cheese is one of those foods that has been so corrupted by the food industry that it has become synonymous with other crappy foods like Spam.  I'm not even certain what store bought pimento cheese might contain, nor do I want to find out.  It's a shame because pimento cheese can be a delightful treat, even if it does Read the full post…

Plum Good BBQ Sandwiches

In a few days it will officially be fall but the temperatures are still warm enough for me to continue swimming for a few more days.  The breeze was a little cool but that didn't stop me from swimming several laps this morning and I felt great afterwards!  Have you exercised lately?  With fall's cooler temperatures and fewer insects, you Read the full post…

Shingles Vacine and Treatment

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with shingles so I felt I should discuss this nasty virus once again.  If you ever had chicken pox, you are at risk for getting shingles and believe me, you don't want it.  Shingles is a painful rash with blisters that scab over and may take 4 weeks or more to heal.  The Read the full post…

Vegetarian Tacos are muy delicioso!

There are times when I think I could easily become a vegetarian, especially when I try a new dish that is as good as the vegetarian tacos I had at Local Lime restaurant in Little Rock and the tofu fried rice at Sai Tai here in Jonesboro.  My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary this past weekend by spending Read the full post…

Midyear Health Check

Summer is winding down , the year is more than half way over and our January resolutions are long forgotten.  It's time for a health reality check.  First of all, how is your health lately?  If you have enjoyed good health, are you thankful?  Take some time to appreciate how wonderful it feels to be healthy, for your family to Read the full post…

Vacation Lessons For A Healthier Life

  I'm back from a lovely beach vacation and I wish I was still there with all my heart.  Wouldn't it be nice if our every day life was as nice as a vacation?  If we could relax, eat well, sleep and exercise just enough without having to worry about bills, work, illnesses and school, our lives would be perfect.  But Read the full post…

Want To Feel Better? Do Something For Somebody Else

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I have a little helper today as I write.  She is scurrying around the floor or across the keyboard.  I have to be careful where I step and typing is difficult to say the least.  I am talking about a stray kitten I’m keeping for a few days until she goes to her new home.  Saturday night my cell phone buzzed in the kitchen where I charge it but I woke up anyway.  I hurried to see who needed me enough to text me at midnight.  It was my son who thankfully wasn’t hurt or in trouble.  He had a kitten and could he bring it to our house?  ”Yes, but not now”, was my answer.


Just before lunch on Sunday, my son and his girlfriend showed up with a tiny kitten.  A friend found it on campus in a tree.  Apparently there is a stray cat problem on campus but that is another story.  My son who is as tender hearted as I am when it comes to animals, volunteered to take it to his mother.  He knew he could count on me.  Fortunately for him, his girlfriend found a home for it within a couple of hours.  The new family will pick it up on Friday.


So what do stray kittens have to do with feeling better?  Helping someone in need is one of the best ways to feel better about yourself.  Even if you think you are too busy to fit in one more thing, we all get a boost from our good deeds.  I’m not talking about writing a check or putting your coins in a bucket though that does help.  Cook dinner for someone who is sick or who has lost a loved one.  Take in a stray animal.  Mow your elderly neighbor’s yard.  Volunteer to tutor children at school.  Mentor someone just starting their career.  Pick up someone who needs a ride on the way to church.  The possibilities are endless and everywhere.  All you have to do is look around with an open heart.


It can be as simple as taking the time to give detailed directions to someone new to your town.  No matter what you do, I guarantee you will experience a warm, good feeling inside.  We all need a bit of help from time to time and giving it does improve your mental health.  Good mental health is important to physical health.  So there you have it.  Doing for others also means doing for yourself.


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