Lisa Tedder Arkansas

I started this blog 4 years ago because people kept asking how my husband and I stayed so “skinny”. Heart disease, stroke, Parkinson’s and diabetes have all claimed victims in my family. After marrying Barry, a cardiologist, I became even more health conscientious. The birth of my children prompted me to learn more about nutrition in order to raise the healthiest kids possible.


Food has always been important to my family and part of our celebrations. However, I have learned to cook in healthier ways than my parents while we still enjoy good food. Our health is largely in our own hands. I hope to inspire others that they can improve their health without a doctorate, a degree in nutrition or sports physiology. It does take a commitment to educating yourself and then following through.


Disease seldom happens by chance; most often it is the result of choices we make, good or bad, like choosing to smoke or not exercising. I don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines in my 60′s; I want to still be dancing, still be laughing, still be in the game of life.


In addition to my husband Barry, I have two children ages 14 and 17 plus 7 animals to keep me busy.

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