Pimento Cheese, Not Your Grandma's Spread

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Plum Good BBQ Sandwiches

In a few days it will officially be fall but the temperatures are still warm enough for me to continue swimming for a few more days.  The breeze was a little cool but that didn't stop me from swimming several laps this morning and I felt great afterwards!  Have you exercised lately?  With fall's cooler temperatures and fewer insects, you Read the full post…

Shingles Vacine and Treatment

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with shingles so I felt I should discuss this nasty virus once again.  If you ever had chicken pox, you are at risk for getting shingles and believe me, you don't want it.  Shingles is a painful rash with blisters that scab over and may take 4 weeks or more to heal.  The Read the full post…

Vegetarian Tacos are muy delicioso!

There are times when I think I could easily become a vegetarian, especially when I try a new dish that is as good as the vegetarian tacos I had at Local Lime restaurant in Little Rock and the tofu fried rice at Sai Tai here in Jonesboro.  My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary this past weekend by spending Read the full post…

Midyear Health Check

Summer is winding down , the year is more than half way over and our January resolutions are long forgotten.  It's time for a health reality check.  First of all, how is your health lately?  If you have enjoyed good health, are you thankful?  Take some time to appreciate how wonderful it feels to be healthy, for your family to Read the full post…

Vacation Lessons For A Healthier Life

  I'm back from a lovely beach vacation and I wish I was still there with all my heart.  Wouldn't it be nice if our every day life was as nice as a vacation?  If we could relax, eat well, sleep and exercise just enough without having to worry about bills, work, illnesses and school, our lives would be perfect.  But Read the full post…

Tips On Soothing A Sore Throat

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It’s that time of year, sore throat and stuffy nose season.  My son texted me this morning that his throat is getting sore from nasal drainage and would I please bring him some of my tea mix?  Thank goodness he is attending college across town so I can take him a batch this afternoon.  Let’s hope he doesn’t come down with strep or some other infection.  When my kids get sick, I have several old tricks I use to make them feel better.  Remember, viruses have to run their course; antibiotics won’t help unless you get a bacterial infection.  It pays to know how to ease the symptoms until your body can do it’s job.


Drink plenty of fluids, water, milk or tea.  This helps flush out the infection or virus, thins mucus buildup, eases headaches and being well hydrated makes you feel better anyway.  A hot drink really helps as it is just like applying a hot pack to sore muscles.  Try hot tea with a bit of lemon or lime juice and honey.  If tea isn’t your thing, sip hot soup made with plenty of broth like chicken noodle.  When my kids are sick, they like hot lemonade or my tea mix.  See recipe below.


Take Tylenol for the pain, it really helps especially if you have to go to work or school and carry on with life.


Get plenty of rest.  Your body can fight infection better when you are well rested.


Mom was right.  Gargle warm salt water several times a day.  The salt actually reduces inflammation and mucus.  Add 1/2 tsp. salt to 1/2 cup warm water.


Try steaming by leaning over a sink of hot water with a towel draped over your head like a tent or taking a few extra minutes in a hot shower.  This can also ease your stuffy nose.


Make sure to check your throat for white patches which may indicate strep or some infection that needs your doctor’s attention.  If your mucus gets thick, yellow, brown or green, you probably have an infection so see your doctor.  If your symptoms get worse, and you have a high fever, see your doctor.  Whip up a batch of this tea mix to keep on hand.  Yes, it has quite a bit of sugar but kids usually like it and it is comforting.  Use caffeine free tea if you like or look for sugar free lemonade or Tang to cut back on the sweet stuff.


Friendship Tea

1/2 cup instant tea

1 cup lemonade mix

1 cup Tang or orange beverage mix

1 to 2 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 to 1 tsp. cloves

Mix together and store in a large jar.  Use 1 to 2 spoonfuls per cup of hot water and adjust to your taste.


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