Pimento Cheese, Not Your Grandma's Spread

Pimento cheese is one of those foods that has been so corrupted by the food industry that it has become synonymous with other crappy foods like Spam.  I'm not even certain what store bought pimento cheese might contain, nor do I want to find out.  It's a shame because pimento cheese can be a delightful treat, even if it does Read the full post…

Plum Good BBQ Sandwiches

In a few days it will officially be fall but the temperatures are still warm enough for me to continue swimming for a few more days.  The breeze was a little cool but that didn't stop me from swimming several laps this morning and I felt great afterwards!  Have you exercised lately?  With fall's cooler temperatures and fewer insects, you Read the full post…

Shingles Vacine and Treatment

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with shingles so I felt I should discuss this nasty virus once again.  If you ever had chicken pox, you are at risk for getting shingles and believe me, you don't want it.  Shingles is a painful rash with blisters that scab over and may take 4 weeks or more to heal.  The Read the full post…

Vegetarian Tacos are muy delicioso!

There are times when I think I could easily become a vegetarian, especially when I try a new dish that is as good as the vegetarian tacos I had at Local Lime restaurant in Little Rock and the tofu fried rice at Sai Tai here in Jonesboro.  My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary this past weekend by spending Read the full post…

Midyear Health Check

Summer is winding down , the year is more than half way over and our January resolutions are long forgotten.  It's time for a health reality check.  First of all, how is your health lately?  If you have enjoyed good health, are you thankful?  Take some time to appreciate how wonderful it feels to be healthy, for your family to Read the full post…

Vacation Lessons For A Healthier Life

  I'm back from a lovely beach vacation and I wish I was still there with all my heart.  Wouldn't it be nice if our every day life was as nice as a vacation?  If we could relax, eat well, sleep and exercise just enough without having to worry about bills, work, illnesses and school, our lives would be perfect.  But Read the full post…

Michelle Obama Addresses Childhood Obesity

[ Post by Lisa Tedder ][ Post on February 13, 2010 ][ In For new Mom's ]

I was glad to see Michelle Obama tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity.  Like the Obamas or not, this is an issue we should unite behind and support.  The percentage of overweight children in Arkansas alone is 37.5!  Do we really want to sentence our children to a much shorter life filled with health problems?  Studies estimate that as many as 1/3 of children born in the year 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes sometime in their life as well as heart disease, cancer and asthma.

If you have been reading my blog very long, you may remember I told you that the age of my husband’s patients has steadily gotten younger.  He treated a 26 year old male with heart disease this past week.  When you suffer from major illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease at such a young age, your life expectancy is greatly shortened.  All the health care reform in the world won’t help if we don’t start taking our health seriously and taking better care of ourselves.

Growing up in the sixties and seventies, there were few overweight children.  I can’t recall a single child in my elementary school who was remotely overweight.  I can only think of one or two teens in my high school who were overweight.  It wasn’t until I was in college that I saw someone grossly overweight; there were two.  I can remember how labored the breathing was for one who was in my business classes.  Now I see kids in junior high and high school who don’t look as good as I do and I’ve had two children, one by c-section.

I continue to be amazed that not only do kids today not eat vegetables, they don’t even know what many of them are!  My husband was eating dinner with the swim team the other night and zucchini was served.  One college aged boy didn’t know what it was.  That same night, I was at a meeting for my son’s trap shooting team and one boy there made a face at the beef vegetable soup, stating, “I don’t eat vegetables.”.  If we don’t eat food that is good for us, there is no way we will be healthy for long.

What can we do to promote better eating habits in our children?  If there are children in your life, your own kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, set a good example by eating and serving vegetables and fresh fruits.  If your children are on a sports team, ask that snacks (junk) not be served after the game.  This is common for many sports when kids are very young.  They don’t need a snack after an hour long game when they will be going home soon for lunch or dinner anyway.  The same thing goes for Sunday school.  Many teachers will bring candy or donuts to Sunday school, mostly as a way to get kids to behave.  Ask that food not be served.  Talk with children about the importance of eating well and how it helps their bodies grow strong.  Even young children need to hear this information.  Point out to kids that their favorite athletes usually eat careful diets to perform at their peak.  Let your child pick out a new fruit or vegetable to try every week.  Or grow something in your own yard.  The excitement of growing it and picking it will make many kids eager to eat it.

As Michelle Obama said, “It’s not about being 100 percent perfect 100 percent of the time.  It’s just about balance.  It’s about small changes that add up – like walking to school, replacing soda with water or skim milk, trimming those protion sizes a little – things like this can mean the difference between being healthy and fit or not.”  I hope you will join Michelle Obama and make a difference in the life of a child.

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